Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lenovo App Explorer?

Lenovo App Explorer helps you find the apps you want to use. Lenovo App Explorer recommends popular, useful and relevant apps so that you can easily personalize your PC based on where you are in the world. Traditionally, PCs often came with pre-installed, third-party software that consumers didn’t necessarily want or need, which took up useful memory and could slow down or complicate the user experience. With Lenovo App Explorer, the choice is in the user's hands.

Is Lenovo App Explorer secure?

Lenovo App Explorer was extensively screened by Lenovo and its security team and found to have a strong security profile.  This included full third-party penetration testing to validate compliance with industry standards and best practices. The testing also included a thorough front-end and back-end review of the Lenovo App Explorer client app and associated web services.  The results of this third-party assessment were further reviewed and approved by Lenovo’s Software Security Review Board (SSRB).

Are the apps available through Lenovo App Explorer secure? What was the process for vetting the security of apps that appear in it?

The third party app on-boarding processes have been reviewed and approved by Lenovo’s Software Security Review Board (SSRB).

Where can I find Lenovo App Explorer?

Lenovo App Explorer is currently available only on select new Lenovo laptops running Windows 10.

Can Lenovo App Explorer be uninstalled? How?

During the new PC initial setup process, users may select “No Thanks” when asked if they want to run Lenovo App Explorer and then select “Uninstall.”  If users later decide they want to delete the software after initial setup, they can remove Lenovo App Explorer from the “Add or Remove Programs” panel in System Settings just like any other software app.

How can I get help if I need assistance using Lenovo App Explorer (LAE)?

1. Apps you obtain using Lenovo App Explorer are supported by the companies that developed those apps. Find the “Help” link in the individual app you have downloaded to find assistance.