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Total Peace of Mind

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You shouldn't have to worry about the safety of apps, or be inundated with ads or pop-ups when you use them. Lenovo App Explorer gives you the power to choose from a selection of known and trusted apps, so you can spend less time worrying and more time exploring.


No Unwanted Surprises

No ads, bundles, pop-ups, or unwanted extras

Lenovo extensively screens and tests every app that gets submitted to the Lenovo App Explorer and apps get rejected if they don't meet Lenovo App Explorer's strict security standards. That means no ads, pop-ups, unwanted bundles or unnecessary add-ons. Period.


Dedicated Security Team

Safety in numbers

Lenovo App Explorer has been extensively screened and tested by a third party reviewer as well as Lenovo's Software Security Review Board (SSRB).

To download Lenovo App Explorer, visit on your desktop PC.

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Lenovo App Explorer requires Windows 10 to run. We recommend that you upgrade your operating system and come back to download the Lenovo App Explorer.

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Lenovo App Explorer is specifically designed to enhance Lenovo devices running Windows 10. Installation on devices made by other manufacturers is not recommended.

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